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Your walls would love to show case an original Weidow! Here is your chance!

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"When it Rains"

Imagine slushing through the evening . The seasons are changing, and holiday shopping seems to be getting underway. 

Central Avenue, Great Falls, MT. Looking toward the Civic Center. Dated to the late 1890's. 

18x24 inches

Oil on Belgian Linen

"1895: A Butte Tragedy
The Call,
The Courage,
The Cost"

On January 15, 1895, at 9:55 p.m., the firefighters at Butte Central Station were rushed to the Kenyon Connell Warehouse. This would be the team’s last call for all but three. Arriving on the scene, the men quickly began rolling out the hose and poking holes in the corrugated tin building. They were not aware that there was over 2000 lbs of dynamite inside. Soon the flames within made their way to the explosives, setting off an enormous blast that killed all but two of the men on the first responder team.

As bystanders and additional responders from the station gathered, the flames extended to surrounding warehouses which also contained large amounts of dynamite. The second explosion sent large pieces of shrapnel cutting through the crowds and tossing both men and equipment hundreds of feet. The blast was heard all the way from Belgrade where residents reported seeing a red glow over the mountain.

Nearly every building in Butte had broken windows; there was not enough glass in Montana to replace what was shattered. The catastrophe ended with 3 horses, 13 firefighters and over 45 civilians killed. The police chief was also lost to the blast. His loyal Newfoundland stayed with the body until the burial. Although many in the town tried to adopt the dog and give him a home, he always returned to the Cemetery where he eventually died on his master’s grave.

"School's Out"

School bell rings, children walking home. A small town nestled on the base of majestic mountains. 

24"x 30"

Oil on canvas

"Shadows of Conflict"

Berlin after she fell in WWII. Imagine being a civilian and having to come back home and picking up the pieces of what is left from in the Shadows of Conflict.  

20"x 24"

Oil on canvas