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Cascade Rain

Reverse the Clock

Weidow Fine Art warmly invites old souls to view and purchase nostalgic oil paintings that make the clock tick backward -- bringing hopeful remembrance for simpler times by translating the values of early, small town America onto canvas. Weidow gives emotional and financial reassurance by nurturing customer relationships and increasing the monetary value of her art yearly.


Each piece of original artwork is composed with pure passion. Carefully painted in such a way that draws you into the story, and sends you back in time. 

All artwork comes elegantly framed and with its own certificate of authenticity. 

Weidow uses archival oil paints on museum quality linen/canvas. Ensuring your investment will last lifetimes. 

Experience the Collection

"Central Mornings"
st. anns remembered.jpg


mother. artist. romantic

Weidow Fine Art exists because I am passionate about preserving the importance of heritage and capturing on canvas how I honestly see the world. My ultimate goal is to keep the hope and the promise of the past remembered.

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